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Main Learning Orchestra

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Xmas concert 2015

Our main orchestra tackles classical music of a fairly ambitious nature.

  • You will need to be a good reader with a playing standard of approximately Grade 6+ in order to join this group.

The rehearsal pace is, however, not as intensive as some amateur orchestras and we do not hold auditions for entry.

Player vacancies

If you are interested in coming along to try out this group then please take a look at our vacancies in Main Orchestra page to see if we have a vacancy for your instrument.

Weekly rehearsals

Rehearsal Venue

1st floor Hall
St Pancras Church House
1 Lancing Street (off Eversholt Street)

Nearest tube/trains/buses

  • Euston station

Programme for the Spring Term

  • Dvorak - Czech Suite
  • Mehul - La Chasse du Jeune Henri Overture
  • and more


  • £75 per term
  • Concessions are available on an individual basis

Donations welcomed

As a charity with no external funding we would always appreciate additional charitable donations. Please contact us if you'd like to make a donation.